Gwenn Seemel

French-American artist, painter, portraitist.

Amazigh Gothic

Gwenn Seemel’s Amazigh Gothic 2008

-—Art in DC—-
Implicit Bias, a group show exploring how our unconscious prejudices influence us, features some of my paintings from my Apple Pie series, including the one at right. My work is at the Joan Hisaoka Art Gallery and at the Takoma location of Busboys and Poets through 5 December.

-—Portraying people—-
I may have been painting portraits for over a decade now, but it never gets old, because humans are endlessly fascinating to me. Go here to find out more about commissioning a portrait.

-—Art talk—-
Last year, TEDxGeneva invited me to speak on the topic of free culture, and this is the video of the presentation. Last summer, I did a conference in France which builds on the ideas presented in my TED talk and, if you’re looking for more still about uncopyright, this book explains everything in greater detail.

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