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Gwenn Seemel painting
photo by Gwenn Seemel

It could be you, your sweetie, your kids, your pet, your home, or even your dream. Creating custom artworks is one of my favorite things!

When painting people or pets, there are two options. I can work from photos I take myself during the course of an hour-long interview. Or I can paint from photos you provide, but I must have access to as many images as possible and we must do a half hour interview via video chat so that I can meet the subject and talk about how best to portray them. This extra information is vital to my process since I never simply reproduce a photo in my style, but instead work to evoke something deeper with my paintings.

When painting homes or dreams, I work from photos you provide along with a full description in order to create a piece. As with portraits, a detailed narrative from you is necessary to make a painting that captures the feeling that you are looking for.

I paint on canvas or panel with Golden and Nova Color acrylic paints. Artworks come unframed but ready to be displayed, with finished sides and a hanging wire installed.

How It Works

Prices are listed below with examples to help you imagine what I can create for you. The prices are in US dollars and they do not include shipping fees or taxes.

Usually, you pay half the fee at the beginning of the process and the balance upon completion of the artwork, but, if you would prefer a payment plan, we can work one out together. Paintings take from six to twleve months to be completed.

colorful commissioned painting of a dream
Gwenn Seemel Deeper Layers

Dream Painting

Sometimes you want to capture a feeling in a painting, instead of commissioning a portrait of a person, a pet, or a home. That’s when you’re looking for a dream painting! The pricing varies depending on how complex the composition is, so please contact me for more information.

colorful commissioned portrait of a home
Gwenn Seemel Tough

Home Portrait

I will need plenty of photos as well as an idea of the house’s personality.

4 x 4 inches: $400

10 x 10 inches: $1100

16 x 14 inches: $1500

24 x 18 inches: $2000

36 x 24 inches: $2500

Custom sizes available. Contact me.

portrait of a black and white long-haired cat
Gwenn Seemel Mookie

Pet Portrait

I adore painting dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, ferrets, and any other animal you love.

10 x 10 inches: $1700

16 x 14 inches: $2500

Custom sizes available. Contact me.

painted portrait of a little girl
Gwenn Seemel Quincy

Single Portrait

To paint portraits, I need lots of photos of the subject.

7 x 5 inches: $1100

10 x 10 inches: $1700

16 x 14 inches: $2500

Custom sizes available. Contact me.

painted portrait of a loving couple
Gwenn Seemel Char and Michael

Double Portrait

Twice the people means twice the fun as we come up with the perfect composition to express the relationship between the subjects.

8 x 10 inches: $2000

18 x 18 inches: $3000

24 x 24 inches: $4000

30 x 30 inches: $4700

Custom sizes available. Contact me.

painted portrait of a grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter
Gwenn Seemel Mona, Mary, and Alexandra

Group Portrait

Group portraits generally feature between three and five individuals, including pets.

20 x 20 inches, three people: $4000

30 x 30 inches, four people: $5600

30 x 30 inches, five people: $6200

Custom sizes available. Contact me.

painted portrait of a painter with mermaids
Gwenn Seemel Nita

Superhero Portrait

AKA the Story Portrait! This likeness has something extra going on. Maybe it’s you in your happy place or you as your favorite animal. Maybe it’s a representation of the person you want to be. Whatever it is, this portrait shows off your special powers.

When commissioning a Superhero Portrait, add $600 to the prices listed for a single portrait.

commissioned portrait painting of a ninety year old woman smiling
Gwenn Seemel Sylvia

“I have goosebumps. What a truly unique and original treasure for the family. The vibrancy of the essence of Syl pops off the canvas!”

- Paula

commissioned portrait painting of a white baby boy
Gwenn Seemel Oliver

“This portrait is so amazing! ...I really feel like you nailed [my son’s] personality, which is fascinating, since at 3 months I don’t think I had a great handle on describing his personality.”

- Madeleine

commissioned portrait painting
Gwenn Seemel Lola

“When I saw the painting [of my mother] all I could do was cry. You managed to capture not only her physical likeness, but her spirit as well.”

- Emily