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Gwenn Seemel talking with another artist about their work, photographed by David Vanadia
photo by David Vanadia

Do you want a personal art guide? Someone to help you get unstuck? A second set of eyes to evaluate your work and your career? A resource about the way to successfully market your art?

I can be that for you!

Since 2008, when I started blogging, I have received hundreds upon hundreds of emails from artists who want help with their art or their careers. Each message is precious to me. They’re proof that art is valued even when the world likes to insist that it’s a waste of time. They have helped me to understand what other artists are going through as well as to see myself a little more clearly. In 2016, I realized I was ready to take the next step and become an official art guide.



We’ll do one hour-long video chat and, after the conversation, I’ll send you a write-up of what we discussed with links to further resources.




This works best if you send me questions or images of your art ahead of time so that we can get right to business when we talk.




Same as the $40 option, but it’s only for those who support my art at the $20 level. (This deal is available only one time per person.)



“I had four sessions with Gwenn and accomplished more in that time than the four years combined experience I had working in an art related industry. In my short time working with Gwenn, I can confidently say she has a gift: one that helps you find your voice beyond the canvas. I will be forever grateful that she has choosen to share it with the world and me.”

- Gabby Yates

“The consultations with Gwenn are the best investment I have ever made in my art career. Before our work, I could not claim my identity as artist. Gwenn helped me so much.”

- Cathy Hasty