Blog / 2018 / Everybody Else Has It Easier.

March 5, 2018

When I’m the target of the “you have it so easy” assumption, it usually has to with my career, because people can’t figure out how I managed to make it happen. This started years ago, with accusations—sometimes veiled but often direct—that I had to be selfish in order to be an artist.

When I make the assumption with other people, it almost always has to do with money. Like for many people, 99% of my problems could be solved with an extra $5000 now and again. When people who don’t have to worry about money complain about their problems—and especially when they gripe about not having enough cash—I have to work hard to remember that money can cause problems too.

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tiny painting of a little yellow duckling represented in energetic brush strokes
Gwenn Seemel
Ducky (Mallard Duckling)
acrylic on panel
3 x 2 inches

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