Artwork / Snow Days / Mike Donahue (KOIN)

painted portrait of a white man
Gwenn Seemel
Mike Donahue (KOIN)
acrylic on canvas
36 x 24 inches

Television journalists come in two varieties. The old school types are interested in insightful reporting while the new wave focuses more on developing their individual personas than informing the people. This is a complaint I heard again and again in doing research for Snow Days, but this dichotomy is not exclusive to television news. Every kind of media-making community suffers from it.

Among my own, I see some artists obsess about content and forget to make their delivery intriguing, while others swing to the opposite extreme. The best, as always, is the middle path. Content and delivery in harmony. It’s something I look for in all my art and something I feel pretty good about with this series.