Artwork / Baby Sees ABCs / Q Is for Quokka

quokka, a little marsupial, wildlife art
Gwenn Seemel
Q Is for Quokka
acrylic on panel
14 x 14 inches


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The first names embedded in this image are Q, Qadim, Qarim, Qasim, Quaashie, Quamaine, Quamora, Quanah, Quanda, Queeny, Quentin, Questa, Quetzalli, Quiana, Quianru, Quibilah, Quigley, Quilene, Quimby, Quincy, Quinn, Quintavius, Quique, Quirijn, Quirino, and Quondra.

Each of the 26 images in Baby Sees ABCs has 26 names embedded into them. Some of the names are provided by the Kickstarter backers and others by me. They tend to be names of people we love and admire, but in some cases—like with Q Is for Quokka and U Is for Unicorn—they’re mostly names that I find pretty. The only Q-name that comes from my life is Questa, which was the name of my mom’s childhood dog and which means “one who seeks.”

You can watch the making of this painting.

quokka painting
detail image