Artwork / 2019 / Newt (Summer Camp Series)

bright orange amphibian making its way through tall grass
Gwenn Seemel
Newt (Summer Camp Series)
acrylic, colored pencil, and marker on paper
6 x 9 inches

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For two or three years of their 15-year lifespan, Eastern newts prefer land to water and sport this bright orange coloring. Contrary to what you might expect from browsing through my portfolio, representing animals with vibrant coloring is a challenge for me. I almost always turn up the saturation in my work, and, when real life is so bright, it is difficult to augment it! It’s why this painting tested me too.

Newt came out of my time at the Camp Stomping Ground artist residency, and it’s part of a series that includes an archer, an artist, a nail-painter, and a unicorn. You can watch the making of Newt.