Artwork / 2014

2014 took me away from my studio quite a lot, but I still managed to finish a number of paintings, as the gallery above proves. The work includes some commissioned art, a number of personal pieces, and 20 book illustrations which I completed during the course of a month.

Gwenn Seemel speaking at TEDxGeneva
photo by TEDxGeneva

My extra-studio adventuring began in April, when traveled to Switzerland in order to speak at TEDxGeneva about why imitation is good for creativity. The experience inspired me on many levels, and later in the year I wrote You Share Good, a book full of practical tips for freeing your art from copyright that is also the reason for those 20 illustrations I referred to above.

Gwenn Seemel working on the Kirk Reeves mural
still from Ifanyi Bell’s video

In July, I got out of the studio again, this time going just a bike ride away from home almost every day for two weeks in order to paint a 10 by 38 foot mural of Kirk Reeves, the street performer who passed away in 2012. Kirk’s memorial was featured widely in the Portland press, including in The Oregonian, on this episode of State of Wonder, and in a beautiful video which filmmaker Ifanyi Bell created for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Gwenn Seemel mentioned in the Willamette Week
photo by Gwenn Seemel

In press not related to the mural, I did an interview with the Creative Insurgents crew about art marketing and copyright and my work was featured in an article on The Abundant Artist. I answered some questions for Artist Think, and the Willamette Week made having your portrait painted by me part of its Portland art bucket list.

“You’re not a proper patron of Portland’s arts scene until you’ve...had your portrait painted by Gwenn Seemel.”

- Editor, Willamette Week, September 2014

On the exhibition end of things, I was invited to participate in Portraits 2 at the Mark Woolley Gallery in February and, since my work was featured on Oregon Art Beat in 2010, I had work in OAB’s 15th anniversary art show in the spring at Peoples Art.

You Share Good, book by Gwenn Seemel
You Share Good, the book

In November, I published You Share Good. The print version is available for $41. This price does not include shipping or tax, both of which will be calculated by Lulu, the service that will print and ship the book.

You can download the e-book for free or for a suggested donation of $4.

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