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Kirk Reeves mural in Portland, Oregon tiger art by wildlife painter Gwenn Seemel fun painted double portrait of an old couple portrait with dandelion design happy running dog art black and white fine art painted portrait commission portraits of a husband and wife wedding portrait of a 1960s couple sweet little piglet artwork by vegan artist Gwenn Seemel owl art and cat painting by animal painter Gwenn Seemel Gwenn Seemel and Claire Barker Harai cat drawing in marker on paper book cover, figurative art by Gwenn Seemel old couple, sweet moment a sharing kind of bear, fine art painting on a canvas tote goat with some sheep, painting art giraffe painting, commissioned wildlife art

2014 gave me three large projects besides the commissioned works and personal pieces I completed—most of which are shown above.

The first project was public art: a 10 by 38 foot mural of Kirk Reeves, the beloved Portland street performer who passed away in 2012. Kirk’s memorial was featured widely in the press, including in a beautiful video which filmmaker Ifanyi Bell created for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

The second had me traveling to Switzerland to speak at TEDxGeneva about why imitation is good for creativity. That invitation came about through a funny series of events, and I found the opportunity nourishing on many levels.

a lovable bear painting cat alien art by Oregon artist Gwenn Seemel squirrel with peanuts painting by Gwenn Seemel praying suqirrel artwork the Little Prince and his animal friends Eiffel Tower painting by French artist Gwenn Seemel Moses with the copyright commandments the Little Prince being rescued from copyright censorship parrot and bear kissing cat chewing on a camera art cat and parrot facing off cat and parrot cuddling remix of Smokey the Bear by Gwenn Seemel enraged bear with a broken heart bear cub in a swimsuit

TEDxGeneva also inspired the third big project for 2014: this collection of paintings. These are some of illustrations I made for You Share Good, a book full of practical tips for freeing your art from copyright!

Gwenn Seemel mentioned in the Willamette Week
photo by Gwenn Seemel

“You’re not a proper patron of Portland’s arts scene until you’ve...had your portrait painted by Gwenn Seemel.”

- Editor, Willamette Week, September 2014