Artwork / 2006 / Curator of this Show (Gabe Flores)

painted portrait of Gabe Flores
Gwenn Seemel
Curator of this Show (Gabe Flores)
acrylic on canvas
24 x 18 inches

When I saw the artist call for Boredom: I Learned It by Watching You, I was appalled. A group show about boredom? It had to be commentary on the state of contemporary art—right?

Whatever it was, I had the perfect response. I submitted to the curators of the show that I should hang my portraits of Portland art dealers. Boredom: I learn it everyday by watching the gallery scene and, more specifically, group shows about boredom. I never dreamed the curators would bite on my concept, but they did. I am shocked and delighted that Gabe, Josh, and Gavin did not take themselves too seriously and acutally hung their portraits at Boredom.

painted portrait
detail image