Artwork / 2006 / Curator of this Show (Gabe Flores)

painted portrait of Gabe Flores
Gwenn Seemel
Curator of this Show (Gabe Flores)
acrylic on canvas
24 x 18 inches

When I saw the artist call for Boredom: I Learned It by Watching You, I was appalled. A group show about boredom? It had to be commentary on the state of contemporary art—right?

Whatever it was, I had the perfect response. I submitted to the curators of the show that I should hang my portraits of Portland art dealers. Boredom: I learn it everyday by watching the gallery scene and, more specifically, group shows about boredom. I never dreamed the curators would bite on my concept, but they did. I am shocked and delighted that Gabe, Josh, and Gavin did not take themselves too seriously and acutally hung their portraits at Boredom.

You can see Gabe with his portrait on my blog.

painted portrait
detail image